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6" & 7"Seamless gutters

 6 inch seamless gutter is

the most common and practical gutter size in our area.

 Although 5 inch  is available, they are not practical considering the area's rainfall density.

We know 6inch is not enough sometimes. 

When to Choose 7 Inch Gutters


All tile and metal roofs should have a minimum size of 6 inch gutters. In some cases where the tile is set very high above the roof line, water will shoot out further. In this situation, a 7 inch gutter is needed. 7 inch gutters are also needed if the roof is HUGE. The larger the roof, the more that rainwater will cascade off and a bigger gutter will be needed for water holding capacity. Some properties have very few places to install a downspout due to the architectural design, and using 7 inch gutters will ensure your system can handle the water that flows off your roof. To make sure your gutter systems are the most effective, the bigger the gutter the better protected your property will be.

Due to the style roof and how it overhangs the fascia, 7 inch gutters are often the best option. 7 inch gutters allow for a larger width to extend past the tiles, which better collects cascading water. This roof style is very common in this area. This area also gets heavy rains, making the 7 inch system the most

Larger systems handle more rain water without causing overflow. For example, when upper gutters drain into lower gutters and other complicated layouts that cause an increased volume of water, a larger gutter handles this much more efficiently. They won’t cause interference with water dropping onto sections with decking below, or where landscaping beds tuck under the eave. Also, often times homeowners want fewer downspouts. With a 7 inch gutter, it provides enough capacity to handle the water to move down the gutter system into one catch area.

gutter sizes and volume capacity.jpg


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